We have developed AI solutions
for scientists in the pharmaceutical industry
to design, make, and test new drugs
to treat diseases.

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Discipline-scale Datasets

AI is becoming more essential as scientific data is becoming more abundant and more accessible. In order to offer high-quality evidence-based solutions our AI models are trained across massive federated datasets that contain millions of data points. AI-based solutions can then be employed to augment the cognitive abilities of individual scientists and teams to enable them to make more informed decisions in drug design.

Million Compounds
Million Reactions
Thousand Proteins

What We Do

A set of complementary solutions to accelerate drug discovery

De novo Drug Design

AI based approaches provide a new way to rapidly generate novel molecules. There has been a recent explosion in generative models using neural networks. Massive virtual libraries of compounds can be rapidly generated to explore new and exciting areas of chemical space. Read more in ACS Central Science

Structure-Based Drug Design

Structure based drug design is heavily reliant upon high quality protein structures. Rapidly docking virtual molecules to proteins of interest is a computationally demanding problem.

High-Throughput Chemistry

High-throughput experimentation accelerates our chances for discovery. Highly automated systems require well integrated hardware and advanced AI solutions to be truly transformational. Systematically carrying out well designed experiments can generate very valuable data to validate and further refine AI models.

Synthesis Planning

Designing optimal synthetic routes has been a long-standing grand challenge in Chemistry. A new wave of approaches has focused on fully data-driven AI based models. This circumvents the need for laborious manual encoding by domain experts. Read more in Nature or Chem. Eur. J.


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